Flood Precast News

cantilever slab

Picturesque Cottage in Co. Clare transformed with Flood Super Wideslab® cantilever slab

Award-winning Architect, John A O’Reilly and local Builder, Doorus Construction engaged the services of Flood Precast to design their first-floor cantilever slab. The design needed to accommodate the heavily loaded block construction with first-floor polished screed. The Flood design team quickly ruled out the use of Hollowcore as it would have required the support of…

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regeneration project

Flood Precast Stairs provided for regeneration project in London.

Flood Precast has an on-going steady relationship with GCL who has worked on this regeneration project in London. Flood Precast provided 20no Precast Concrete Stairs for this project. The Tollgate Gardens Estate is located in the Maida Vale area in the North West of Westminster. Built in the 1960s, the estate was in need of redevelopment and…

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Data Centre

Precast Concrete and Data Centre Capital of the World.

The Irish government and in partnership with industry leaders are working to identify Ireland as the potential data centre capital of the world. The country is seen as an attractive location for the facilities for a range of reasons, including the cool climate, which reduces running costs for heat-generating computers, its connectivity to the US…

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Precast Products

Precast Products provided for Skye Fish Food Plant

Flood Precast provided precast products while working in conjunction with J&D Pierce Contracts who worked on structural steelwork on the new fish food plant on the island of Skye.  This 17 storey steel building will be part of a large development which will include Raw Material Storage Building Bio filter building Finished product warehouse 60m…

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BIM resources

BIM resources used in Sutton Point design.

Flood Precast has been using BIM resources in our design department to work with our customers in streamlining the design process. Using these resources makes the sharing of project information easy and more effective in the construction industry as sharing is made easy and more effective. As a result, the chances of error and wastage…

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Steel Frame construction

Precast Stairs sits in perfect partnership with Steel Frame construction

Flood Precast provided precast concrete stairs for this new development in Birmingham. The main structure was a steel frame construction where our precast stairs sat into perfectly. Our installation teams will easily fit our precast stairs to masonry, in-situ concrete or steel frames taking into account the different requirements for disproportionate collapse and the fixings…

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terrace units

Flood Precast ready for the battle of Britain with our terrace units

Flood Precast designs, manufactures and installs precast concrete terrace units for stadia and cinema/auditorium projects. We provided 66no Terrace units for the auditorium facility at the new visitor centre in Uxbridge. Precast concrete is suitable for terrace units and banked seating systems. Flood Precast provide a high quality finish in both dimensional tolerances and colour.…

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Precast Stair Edge protection

Precast Stair Edge protection and Precast Concrete Slabs

Flood Precast provided Precast Stairs provided with cast in sockets for precast stair edge protection with Type A finish (Scratched Finish) and 3,000m2 of Flood Super Wideslab® to the Hornsea onshore power stations in Lincolnshire in the UK. This offshore power station is part of the Hornsea Project One which will be located 120km off…

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