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Precast Concrete Flooring at Newstreet Station Car Park

Precast Concrete Flooring and Flood Super Wideslab®

Flood Precast are pleased to confirm that they have been appointed to manufacture and supply precast concrete flooring on this prestigious project for Network Rail adjacent to John Lewis department store in Birmingham. Flood Precast were involved at an early stage in the design of the project working closely with Vinci offering them a solution which was eventually approved by Mace with works now starting on site.

The project had several criteria & constraints that had to be taken into consideration in the design process. Firstly the car park is built over an existing building on original foundations so the overall weight of the building is restricted. This also meant constraints on the size of the tower crane used on site & its duties. As usual these days the programme was tight & the placing of the precast planks critical to meeting the programme.

The challenge was to come up with a light precast plank with a high quality exposed soffit with no camber that also kept floor thickness to a minimum whilst meeting the imposed loads required&that could be quickly installed.
The solution was our Super WideSlab 100mm thick with a 75mm structural screed topping. The planks are 2.4m wide allowing twice the meterage to be fitted in one day compared to a 1.2 wide plank, thus halving the installation time of this element of the works. These planks have the same soffit finish as an Omnia plank but are stronger & require less propping.

During the final design stages Flood’s engineers worked closely with the Steel company & design engineers to overcome any issues that arose at this stage & the flooring is now in production.

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John O'Connor

John O'Connor

John joined Flood Precast in 1996. He served as a Senior Manager in all areas of the business, and is currently General Manager, responsible for the day to day running of Flood Precast. With 25 years’ experience behind him 17 of which have been dedicated to Precast Concrete, Johns focus is on developing a sustainable growth strategy for the business and delivering value for our customers.

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