Flood Super Wideslab versus Hollocore Flooring

Trying to Cast a Beam into Hollowcore Floor Planks?

Sometimes the Engineer has a specific problem he needs to overcome.  A client came to us recently with a floor that was to be heavily loaded and the Engineer had a requirement for up-stand beams.  So he wants a pre-stressed precast floor with a beam cast in.

If Hollowcore floor planks was the only precast solution considered, this would not be possible, you simply can’t cast a beam into a Hollowcore floor.

However with Flood Super Wideslab® we can usually value engineer a structurally efficient, cost effective solution.

Flood Super Wideslab® Flooring instead of Hollowcore

If the Engineer had not considered the use of Flood Super Wideslab® Flooring, he would have had to design this section as insitu and considering the floor to ceiling height was 6m, the propping system alone would have been very expensive. There would also be a knock-on effect on the program, as works to the ground floor below were not advanced to a stage whereby the propping loads could be accommodated.

The secret to good value engineering is early engagement with your specialist contractors and in Flood Precast we have an experienced team of Engineers ready to provide practical solutions to your design queries.

Find out more about Flood Super Wideslab Flooring. For more information on the benefits of Flood Super Wideslab® contact our team at info@floodprecast.co.uk.


John O'Connor

John joined Flood Precast in 1996. He served as a Senior Manager in all areas of the business, and is currently General Manager, responsible for the day to day running of Flood Precast. With 25 years’ experience behind him 17 of which have been dedicated to Precast Concrete, Johns focus is on developing a sustainable growth strategy for the business and delivering value for our customers.

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John O'Connor