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Construction and Design Advantages of Hollowcore Flooring

Hollowcore flooring slab is a concrete flooring material which exploits the strength and durability of precast concrete, whilst reducing the weight which can be its main drawback.The term ‘hollow core’ refers to cylindrical voids which run internally down the length of the precast slabs, thereby reducing the weight of the slab, typically by about 35 per cent.

The lower weight means that longer spans can be used, which is an advantage in settings where supporting columns are undesirable or unfeasible. The amount of concrete needed is also reduced, making this system both economical and ecologically sound. Transport cost is another saving.

Construction and design advantages of using hollowcore flooring
Precast slabs can be put into place quickly and safely, and reduce the need for workers on-site. Their installation is less weather-dependent than in-situ poured concrete.

Hollowcore slabs can be used with:

  • most types of walls
  • most types of walls beam
  • adapted to accommodate openings and channels

The floor surface is immediately available as a working platform for follow-on trades. The voids are sometimes used as service ducts for plumbing, electrical cable or data transmission systems. The flat soffit, which can have a high-quality finish, can be left exposed to exploit the thermal mass effect.

Fire resistance, disproportionate collapse and sound insulation
Hollow core floors are compatible with design requirements for mitigating progressive collapse, and have natural fire resistance. Transmitted sound through hollow core beams is lower than through the equivalent solid beam.

Where can Hollowcore Flooring be used?
This system can be used for a wide variety of buildings, and is particularly suitable for settings in which the long beam length is an advantage, such as multi-storey car parks and sports stadia. Wider column-free interiors can also be an aid to building flexibility.

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Kevin Irons

After working as a contract manager in the glazing industry for a number of years, Kevin then worked as a contracts manager & sales manager for 7 years with a precast company before joining Flood in 2012. He has a sound technical background & hands on knowledge of all aspects of precast installation & commercial matters.

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Kevin Irons