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Innovative pharma headquarters completed with precast concrete units

Ireland is a key location for the Pharmaceutical Industry in Europe. West Pharmaceutical Services, which makes packaging components and “drug delivery systems” for pharmaceutical products, announced last year it will be employing 150 people at its new Waterford operation.  A new 26,484 sq. m manufacturing facility comprising a of single building having a maximum parapet height of 13.2m and a maximum overall height of 16.5 m above ground level is near completion. Flood Precast were again delighted to work with John Sisk & Sons teams providing precast concrete units on this project. John Sisk and Sons are at the forefront of innovation in Pharmaceutical Construction having set up its own dedicated Pharma Division.

Flood Precast designed, manufactured and supplied 1800m2 of 125mm Flood Super Wideslab® Concrete Flooring and 30no Precast Stairs.

Advantages of Flood Precast concrete units:

  • Better quality control of the finished product
  • Saving of space on site as formwork storage space and fabrication space is not required.
  • Stairway enclosing shaft can be utilized for hoisting or lifting of materials and equipment’s during the major construction.

ContractorJohn Sisk and Sons


Products – 1800m2 of 125mm Flood Super Wideslab® 30no Precast Stairs

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Damien Farrell

Damien graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2003 with a Honors degree in Manufacturing Engineering and has worked for Flood Precast since 2004. He worked in our Manufacturing Plant on Quality control from 2004 -2005 and then took up a position as Irish Sales/Contracts manager.

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Damien Farrell