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Benefits for Homeowners Precast Concrete Floors in New 2 Story Homes in Co. Dublin

Flood Precast recently completed the safe installation of precast concrete floors for first-time homeowners in Clongriffin, Co Dublin using Flood Precast Super Wideslab®. The benefits of using precast concrete floors for homeowners has resulted in it fast becoming the industry standard.

Concrete Home are Better Built Homes

  • How do they compare to Different House Types: The main factors to be considered when purchasing a new home are fire safety, sound insulation, durability and thermal insulation. Experience in Ireland has shown that no other construction method can match concrete construction for all round, proven performance.
  • Fire-Safety: Concrete homes have a much higher level of fire safety than lightweight framed homes, with 4 times longer fire resistances – effectively 2 hours protection compared with 30 minutes for lightweight timber or steel frame construction.
  • Sound Insulation: Precast Concrete floors are a dense material and greatly reduces noise between rooms and between neighboring houses.
  • Durability: Precast Concrete flooring and precast concrete stairs are long-lasting and maintenance free.
  • Thermal Insulation: Precast Concrete behave like a thermal storage heater, they can store thermal energy during daytime and release it back

Project: Belltree Clongriffin Phase 2 & Plot E, Dublin

Contractor: Gannon Homes

Engineer: Waterman Moylan

Architects: Conroy Crowe Kelly Architects

Products: Flood Super Wideslab®

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Ronan Leavy

Ronan Leavy

Ronan has more than 20 years experience in the Construction Industry.Since joining Flood Precast in 2003, he has developed strong working relationships with new and existing customers, both in the UK and Ireland. Ronan graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Construction Studies.

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Ronan Leavy