highest quality concrete products

Highest quality concrete products for City Centre Hotel.

Flood Precast worked in conjunction with J.J Rhatigan’s on the new Maldron hotel in Dublin City. Flood Precast provided the highest quality concrete products for this development. We manufacture to the highest standards.  5000m2 of Flood Super Wideslab® and 27no Precast Stairs were provided for this project.

Precast stairs can be placed along with precast concrete flooring products, giving immediate safe access to upper floors quickly and efficiently. All precast stair and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes.

J.J Rhatigan is developing the Dublin 2 hotel as they also construct the new €18-million Maldron Hotel on Kevin Street, which is adding 139 guestrooms. The site for a €22-million hotel in Dublin 8, that will add 234 guestrooms, is gearing up to commence construction as is a €3-million hotel with 41 guestrooms already underway in Dublin 6. Irish construction industry data show that 3,000 new hotel guestrooms will be added to Dublin’s inventory by 2020. According to Irish Times, the rise in guestroom numbers is expected to support the tourist demand and boost Ireland’s economy.

Project: Maldron Hotel, 5-7 New Street, Dublin 8.

Client: Dalata Hotel Group

Contractor: J J Rhatigan & Company

Engineer: Punch Consulting Engineers

Architects: Henry J Lyons Architects

Products:  Flood Super Wideslab®, and Precast Concrete Stairs

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Ronan Leavy

Ronan Leavy

Ronan has more than 20 years experience in the Construction Industry.Since joining Flood Precast in 2003, he has developed strong working relationships with new and existing customers, both in the UK and Ireland. Ronan graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Construction Studies.

Contact Ronan for projects in Ireland and the UK. Email ronan.leavy@floodprecast.co.uk

Ronan Leavy