Precast concrete flooring products

Precast concrete flooring products used in converted army barracks residential development.

Flood Precast was awarded the design, manufacture, and installation of precast concrete flooring products, stairs, and balconies for this large-scale residential development in Clancy Quay, Dublin. The main contractor of this build is Glenbeigh Construction.

Phase II consists of an additional 163 new houses and apartments, arranged in both converted former army barracks and in new buildings. In addition to the 163 new units, Kennedy Wilson has also submitted a planning application to add a further 259 new units over the remaining 2.8-acre Phase III site. Phase I of the development was completed in 2008 and comprises 423 fully furnished apartments, which have benefited from a rolling refurbishment programme over the past three years. This complex is one of the largest rented residential developments in Ireland.


Key benefits of Flood Super Wideslab®:

  • High-quality class B finish.
  • Proven track record in delivering large precast concrete stair projects.
  • Incorporates structural ties for Disproportionate collapse design.
  • Proactive and professional design approval process.


Project: Clancy Quay (Phase 2.2)

Contractor: Glenbeigh Construction

Engineer: Waterman-Moylan

Architects: OMP

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Ronan Leavy

Ronan Leavy

Ronan has more than 20 years experience in the Construction Industry.Since joining Flood Precast in 2003, he has developed strong working relationships with new and existing customers, both in the UK and Ireland. Ronan graduated from Dundalk Institute of Technology with a Diploma in Construction Studies.

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Ronan Leavy