Smoothly and on time

Smoothly and on time at Nene Park Academy Extension with Flood Super Wideslab®.

Flood Precast are always delighted to be involved with main contractor Kier as projects run smoothly and on time. Flood Precast initially worked on the main building at Nene Park Academy in September 2013 and we have now been involved with the exciting new expansion of the Academy.

The new build used 2000 sq m of Flood Super Wideslab® and 4 bespoke precast stair cores, which were designed specifically for this location. As well as the new state of the art science labs, the expansion will also add new classrooms for photography, textiles, music, drama, maths, humanities, English and languages, as well as two light engineering rooms, a CAD/graphics room and a new library.

The thermal mass effect

In addition to allowing direct painting on to its surface, Class B finish exposed soffit of Super Wideslab® benefits the building by allowing the concrete to absorb excess heat from the interior during warmer parts of the day, and to release it back as the building cools. The concrete effectively acts as a heat sink, which makes the building more comfortable and also saves on heating and ventilation costs. The thermal mass effect ensures that the waste heat produced by electronic equipment such as computers is utilised as far as possible to the building’s advantage.

A fantastic new addition
Principal Steve Howard;

“At Nene Park Academy we quite simply strive to ‘know and support every student to enjoy and achieve’ and we are delighted that parents increasingly put their faith in us to provide their children with the high-quality education they deserve.”

The main phase of the extension building began in July 2017 and the whole building will be completed by the end of August 2018.

Project: Nene Park Academy Extension, Peterborough

Contractor: Kier Construction Eastern

Engineer: PEP

Architects: Frank Shaw Associates

Products: – Flood Super Wideslab® and Stairs

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Martin Darby

Martin graduated from the University of Dundee with an Hons degree in Engineering. He joined Flood Precast in 2000 and headed up the Dublin design office. Martin now works extensively across the UK. In addition to his Structural Engineering background he has extensive knowledge of all precast construction and commercial aspects associated with the companies work.

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Martin Darby