energy efficient concrete home

Make your home an “A” rated energy efficient concrete home.

Make your home an “A” rated energy efficient concrete home. Flood Precast provided 150mm Super Wideslab®’s flooring for the construction of 9 residential units.

Why choose this precast concrete flooring solution for residential units.

  • A quieter home
  • Heat retention and reduce bills
  • A Safe Home

Thermal Advantages – that will help reduce heating bills!:

Flood Super Wideslab®’s concrete floors, due to their mass act like a storage heater. Alternative flooring lets air through the cores, cooling the floors down. When your central heating is on, your concrete floor will absorb some of this heat and slowly release it back into your home. This should help in reducing your heating bills. One of the main reasons our Super Wideslab®’s was used in this project is that our system is suitable for use with all underground heating systems. 

The construction of 9 residential units and associated site development work on a site known formerly as St. Laurence’s Terrace, Mullingar. The development comprises 2 no. 4 bed two storey units, 2 no. 3 bed two storey units, 2 no. 2 bed two storey units and 3 no. 3-bed dormer units. The main contractor for the development is TH Contractors Ltd of Castlebar, County Mayo. 

Project: St Laurence Terrace, Mullingar

Contractor: T.H. Contractors Ltd.

Engineer: ORS

Products: Super Wideslab®’s

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Damien Farrell

Damien graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology in 2003 with a Honors degree in Manufacturing Engineering and has worked for Flood Precast since 2004. He worked in our Manufacturing Plant on Quality control from 2004 -2005 and then took up a position as Irish Sales/Contracts manager.

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Damien Farrell