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Flood Super Wideslab® flooring used to accommodate services requirements at Milford Care Centre.

Flood Precast provided precast hollowcore flooring, precast stairs with areas of Flood Super Wideslab® flooring to accommodate the large amount the M+E requirements. Flood Super Wideslab® flooring units are manufactured in the long line prestressed system minimising costs and production time. Openings for services, pipes and ducting can all be cast into the precast concrete flooring at the manufacturing stage rather than cut out on site, ensuring better finish and less downtime during construction. The wet cast system also minimises camber variations between precast units ensuring a uniform suspended concrete floor. The casting system used in Flood Super Wideslab® flooring also enables the manufacture of special width floor planks cast to size rather than cut down from stock as is typical of traditional hollowcore flooring systems. See span/load tables for Flood Super Wideslab® flooring for full details


Flood Super Wideslab® flooring

Flood Precast worked in conjunction with Monami Construction on Phase 1 of the New Palliative Care Unit & the Expansion of the existing Nursing Home at Milford Care Centre, Plassey Park Road, Castletroy, Co. Limerick.

Project: Milford Care Centre Co.Clare

Contractor: Monami Construction Ltd

Engineer: Punch

Architect: Quinn Architects

Products: Hollowcore & Stairs & Flood Super Wideslab

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