Precast Stairs & Landing Units

1SJRQ Dublin – Precast Stairs & Landing Units provided by Flood Precast

Flood Precast worked in conjunction with John Paul Construction in providing Precast Stairs & Landing Units for 10,219sq m office block at 1SJRQ Dublin, which was completed in mid-2018. 69no Precast Concrete Stairs we’re provided for this project, which used invisible connectors. Usually, precast slabs such as stair landings are supported by a steel angle bolted to the wall. Installation can be slower using this method and it also requires high degrees of accuracy. It can tie up the crane with costly hooking on time.

Advantages of using invisible connectors include:

  • Smooth obstacle-free soffit with no supports visible. 
  • Robust, simple and efficient connection, which can also be used to satisfy robustness.
  • Tight control of the connection within the factory, with no need for specialist operations on site.
  • Reduced crane hook-time requirements, and rapid provision of access stair

1SJRQ is a standout headquarter base, prominently located at the point where Dublin’s most dynamic international business district meets the metropolitan transport hubs. This building will be part of a neighbourhood where the future of global business is being shaped by companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter; Verizon and Three; Citi, PwC, and a host of other top multinationals and creative SMEs.


Project: 1-6 Sir John Rogerson Quay Dublin

Contractor: Hibernia Reit

Sub Contractor:  John Paul Construction

Engineer:  Cora

Architect: Henry J Lyons

Products: 69no Precast Concrete Stairs

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