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Flood Super Wideslab® precast concrete flooring slabs are the rapid solution

Flood Super Wideslab® precast concrete flooring slabs are the rapid solution to high-quality, economical concrete floor construction where long spans and/or high load bearing capacities are required. Flood Precast worked with our client Whitland Engineering steel frame manufacturer at the extension for Volac International in Felinfach, Wales.

At Volac Felinfach, the suspended concrete floors are constructed using prestressed planks supported by supporting steel frame structure. This construction type, steel frame and precast concrete floors system is a rapid solution  Flood Super Wideslab®  precast flooring slab plank system is suitable for all floor levels from ground to roof.

Openings for services, pipes and ducting can all be cast into the precast concrete flooring at the manufacturing stage rather than cut out on-site, ensuring a better finish and less downtime on-site.

Volac Felinfach is a modern dairy production facility based in West Wales and uses the latest membrane filtration and drying technologies to produce Volac’s high-performance whey protein isolates for the sports and active nutrition markets, lactose for use in a range of food applications and base powders for young animal milk formulas.


Project: Extension to Volac International Ltd, Wales

Client: Whitland Engineering

Engineer:  Roger Casey Associates

Products: 2000m2 of Flood Super Wideslab® precast concrete flooring slabs and 15no Precast Stairs

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