Etap Hotel Manchester

Sector: Hotels
Contractor: PCE
Architect: 5plus Architects
Engineer: AMP
Developer: 5plus Architects
Units: Flood Super Wideslab®

This new chain of the IBIS Hotel for the budget hotels operator ETAP has been built at Pollard Street Manchester, UK that is in keeping with the group’s award-winning scheme for new hotels throughout Europe.

These project was part of a fast track contract which was completed in just over nine months.

The advantages of using Flood Precast products are:

  • Pre-stressing for the deflection limits.
  • Solid slab for the fire rating.
  • Wet casting on steel mould beds for the high quality soffit finish. Reduction in building height.
  • Faster erecting time on site using precast products.
  • Better sound insulation.
  • Thermal mass and natural ventilation Exposed solid Flood Super Wideslab® are an excellent heat sink which is critical for natural ventilation.