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Perfume Factory, Acton.

Sector: Education
Contractor: Ardmore Construction
Architect: Carey Jones Chapman Tolcher
Engineer: Tully De’Ath Consulting Engineers
Units: 414no Precast Columns, Precast Super Wideslab and 113no Precast Stairs

The Main Contractor Ardmore landed the deal to build a new student development on the site of a former perfume factory in west London. Flood Precast was appointed by Ardmore to supply precast columns for Blocks B, C and E and precast stairs for Blocks B, C, D and E for the Wales Farm Road project in Acton, North London. This re-development project consists of student accommodation, residential suites and commercial areas.

Blocks B, D and E are 9 storeys, 10 storeys and 5 storeys respectively while Block C is a 31 storey tower. Flood Precast took the initial in-situ design of the columns from Tully De’Ath Consulting Engineers and converted it to a precast design, reviewing the feasibility of using double-height columns and designing the transition reinforcement through the floor zones:

loading diagram

Benefits of using Flood Precast Concrete Columns

  • A Precast Column can be erected 5 times faster than an in situ column.
  • Ability to achieve a high quality and uniform finish.
  • Unaffected by site weather conditions.
  • Reduction in labour requirement on site.
  • Eliminates the need for small concrete loads and evening pours which are a feature with in-situ columns.
  • When using high strength concrete, a reduction in reinforcement steel can be achieved.
  • The erection of this product is a silent process which can take place at any time day or night. There are generally time restrictions on noisy site activities such as the pouring and vibrating of in-situ columns.
  • There is a substantial Health & Safety dividend when using Precast Concrete Columns.