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Tottenham Court Underground Tube Station

Sector: Civil and Utilities

Flood Precast were initially contacted by the engineers on this project at design stage as we had worked with them on various projects previously & asked to provide an Omnia Flooring Slab solution for the roof of the station.

When the project was secured by Vinci & Bam Nuttall, contractors who we regularly work with, they came to us for further guidance and eventually placed the order with us.

Tottenham Court Tube Station

The Tube Station project had several challenges, most of it technical as the roof of the station would also be the base of the road above when completed. The planks provided were bespoke as there was a requirement for additional concrete coverage of the steel in the planks & the steel reinforcement in the structural screed on top.

Omnia Planks

The upper surface of the omnia planks also required special treatment as specified by the client, this operation was carried out at our production facilities by our experienced workforce to the total satisfaction of all concerned. The clients engineer also visited our factory to conduct pull out tests on our lifting eyes & quality checks – all were completed very satisfactorily.


The other main challenge was logistical as the job was located in central London & had limited of offloading allocation. Flood Precast were supplied the omnia planks & the main contractor installed them overnight. The planks were delivered to a compound a few miles away from site, the trailer was dropped there & then taken to site later by the main contractors tractor unit.

Once offloaded it was dropped back to the compound where it was collected from by ourselves when the next full load was delivered.

The whole process from design, manufacture, delivery & installation went very smoothly & on the back of this we are now working on phases on this site & the Crossrail project.

For more information on Omnia Flooring Slab contact our team at info@floodprecast.co.uk.