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Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs

Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs provide for school’s extension.

Precast pre-stressed solid floor slabs or Flood Super Wideslab® are manufactured using an innovative casting system ensuring a truly smooth soffit finish. Flood Super Wideslab® is often referred to as “plate flooring” contains an internal strand which facilitates notching and the forming of openings that is suitable for a variety of construction development. Flood Precast…

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Exposed Soffit finish

High Quality Exposed Soffit finish for Redevelopment.

High-Quality Exposed Soffit finish on precast slabs we’re provided to the main grandstand building. Flood Precast flooring slab has a high-quality Class B finish to which paint can be applied directly, or which can be left in its natural state so that the full thermal mass effects of the concrete flooring can be exploited. What…

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Precast Stairs & Landing Units

1SJRQ Dublin – Precast Stairs & Landing Units provided by Flood Precast

Flood Precast worked in conjunction with John Paul Construction in providing Precast Stairs & Landing Units for 10,219sq m office block at 1SJRQ Dublin, which was completed in mid-2018. 69no Precast Concrete Stairs we’re provided for this project, which used invisible connectors. Usually, precast slabs such as stair landings are supported by a steel angle…

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City Quay MSCP

Innovative Product Design for the City Quay MSCP, Belfast

At Flood Precast we’re delighted to be involved with the development of the City Quay MSCP, Belfast. Our design and engineering teams were impressive, working to develop a new innovative type of L-Walls and supporting angles for the installation. Our design team used BIM Technology. Using Tekla 3D modelling software we are able to visually…

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