All UK precast concrete suppliers know that they must innovate in today’s ever more competitive world. In the field of construction, this means a constant amount of attention that must be placed on expenditure.

Therefore, the most efficient precast concrete suppliers UK are the ones who understand the particular demands of the British market, especially in urban areas where the economics of building works can differ from other parts of the country and Europe as a whole. For example, in some building sites in central locations of cities, very tight construction schedules may be in effect, perhaps because of temporary road closures or other considerations that relate to the need to work alongside neighbours.

Precast Flooring

At sites like these, precast concrete slabs for flooring units – and other building elements – can come into their own because of the exceptionally rapid installation times. It is noteworthy that precast concrete is not only often quicker to install once it is in position but requires less crane hook time than other building methods, which can be the most in-demand resource at a busy construction site.


Precasting concrete elements of a building is not just about lowering installation costs, however. At Flood Precast, we know that all high-quality precast concrete suppliers must add more value through the careful design of their products.


Take a look at our highly original pre-stressed Wideslab composite flooring product which is the widest slab available anywhere allowing for fewer units and more expansive spans to be reached.
In addition, our Hollowcore concrete floor slabs afford high levels of fire resistance as well as superb sound insulation, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, but especially apartment and office blocks. Manufactured to exceptional standards, the precast range can be grouted immediately after fitting and they frequently eliminate many steel fixing elements, both features that are often demanded at the UK’s busiest work sites.