BIM and Flood

Current use of BIM tools at Flood Precast Ltd.

BIM tools are currently employed for computer aided design and manufacture (CAD / CAM) and for 2D communication with clients and designers. This is illustrated in the following figure:

Flood Precast highlight the following areas as vital to the delivery of a successful project.

  1. Focusing on what represents value to the customer.
  2. Eliminating waste from processes.
  3. Creating a flow of work thus avoiding delays and reducing costs.
  4. Optimising the system as a whole rather than individual stages.
  5. Rationalising design, and the flow of information to logistics and manufacture.
  6. Provide guidance to external designers, incorporating product information from existing technical literature.
  7. Enabling the efficient creation of 3D visualisations and production information.
  8. Implementing change in a progressive, low risk manner.
  9. Building in-house capabilities.
  10. Becoming a recognised reliable source for BIM resources in the pre-cast concrete sector.