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BIM Technology and Hampton Wood

BIM Technology was a major factor in the design of this stage of Hampton Wood. Flood Precast was delighted to part of the last block of Hampton Wood housing development. The construction of the first of them started in 2004. This phase consists of 5 blocks providing a total of 135 housing units, with blocks varying from 6 to 10 floors. BIM Technology played a large role in this project in design team meetings. The close proximity of prefabricated elements with main structure elements was often a challenge for the engineering staff supervising the construction of the building. Minor mistakes made in the preparation of the main structure were easily detected and repaired using the BIM model. Communication and updating of the BIM model of the structure was carried out using the CDE Trimble Connect platform.

The biggest design challenge was to meet the architect’s requirements for the layout of the façade openings (door, window and ventilation openings, openings at the point of joining the balcony substructure to the ceiling). The unique appearance of the building was completed by the irregular arrangement of the façade. The team of designers used a wide variety of construction solutions in order to ensure the appropriate load-bearing capacity and stability of individual elements as well as the entire facility.

Project name:Cell 16 – Hampton Wood
Type:Flats / Apartments
Number of floors:Block 1: 6 storeys
Block 2: 9 storeys
Block 3: 10 storeys
Block 4: 7 storeys
Block 5: 6 storeys
Gross / net wall area:Block 1: 2154/1811 m2
Block 2: 2481/2090 m2
Block 3: 3423/2952 m2
Block 4: 3173/2653 m2
Block 5: 2416/2010 m2
M2 per floor:Block 1: 447 m2
Block 2: 425 m2
Block 3: 515 m2
Block 4: 499 m2
Block 5: 447 m2
M2 per block:Block 1: 2,485 m2
Block 2: 2,816 m2
Block 3: 4165 m2
Block 4: 3,465 m2
Block 5: 2,689 m2
Volume of concrete used:Block 1: 685 m3
Block 2: 980 m3
Block 3: 1280 m3
Block 4: 1051 m3
Block 5: 805 m3

Customer: Dwyer Nolan Developments

Engineer:  POGA Consulting Engineers

Architect:  SBA Architects

Products: Precast Walls, Wideslab, Beams, Column and Stairs

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