Flood Precast Concrete Screedless Floors

Precast Concrete Screedless Floors are designed and manufactured as finished precast units that do not require a structural topping or finishing screed on site. The soffit can be painted directly and the top surface is ready to receive a tile, carpet or laminate wood floor finish.

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Why use Concrete Screedless Floors?

  • Screedless Concrete Floors are generally considered for use in hotel, student accommodation or custodial developments and are used in conjunction with precast or in-situ concrete cross walls.
  • Speed of construction and reduction of site times play an increasing role in modern construction methods.
  • The Screedless Floor may be used  with a precast cross-wall solution or an in-situ cross-wall construction.
  • The precast unit can be manufactured to  include all associated services, conduits and connection boxes.
  • Structural  ties are achieved by casting in projecting loops which connect with the vertical concrete elements on site.
  • Units are manufactured to suite room size up to a maximum of 3.8m wide.
  • The screedless floor provides a jointless ceiling that can be painted directly.
  • Elimination of wet trades on site.
  • Dramatic reduction in programme time.
  • Excellent sound characteristics.
  • Provides significant thermal mass for natural ventilation.
  • Fire and thermal resistant.