Flood Super Wideslab®

The widest composite prestressed flooring slab available.

A unique precast concrete flooring product from Flood Precast. At 2.4 metres in width, this is the widest composite prestressed flooring slab available anywhere.

In addition to Super Wideslab®’s high thermal mass, construction speed and shallow profile, this concrete flooring product offers many specific advantages, when compared with Omnia concrete flooring and Hollowcore concrete flooring. By harnessing these advantages, Contractors and Engineers can deliver real value for their clients.

Because Flood Super Wideslab® is a fast, versatile and economic flooring solution there are many suitable construction applications.

See how it works

Watch this video to see how easy it is to install Flood Super Wideslab®

  • Faster installation – twice as fast as Hollowcore to install.
  • Cast in lifting system – fully anchored cast-in lifters are designed so that the units can be lifted from the trailer into final position without the need for cradles, chains or bearing into position.
  • Immediate working platform for other trades.
  • High quality soffit finish – can be left exposed or painted.
  • Less soffit joints – the 2.4m wide units result in 50% reduction in soffit joints when compared to hollowcore.
  • Thermal mass and natural ventilation – Exposed solid Flood Super Wideslab® is an excellent heat sink which is critical for natural ventilation.
  • Solid slab with no cores – unlike Hollowcore, Flood Super Wideslab® is solid with no cores so its an ideal solution for car parks with no fear of dripping from cores.
  • Awkward shapes are easily accommodated – wet cast production allows for the forming of most shapes.
  • Can be used to construct a flat slab with no down stand beams – projecting steel links cast into the unit accommodates shear without the requirement for bearing.
  • Spans in two directions – ideal solution for dealing with disproportionate collapse or progressive collapse design.
  • Heavy loads – the prestressed solid nature of the slab allows load to be redistributed and is an ideal solution for suspended service yards.
  • Reduction in building height – shallowest structural floor zone available in the market.
  • Openings can be easily accommodated – eliminates the requirement for trimmer beams.
  • Better Sound Insulation – Flood Super Wideslab® is 50% better sound insulated than Hollowcore. Read More…
  • Reduced beam depth  – Flood Super Wideslab® can be designed to work compositely with steel and in-situ concrete beams, reducing the beam depth by to 25%. Read More…

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Benefits of using Flood Super Wideslab

  • High Quality Soffit Finish
  • Thermal Mass
  • Can accommodate awkward shapes
  • Shallow Floors
  • Composite action with steel frame
  • Structural screed ties-in structure
  • Can accommodate large openings without trimmer beams.
  • Strong BREEAM Rating
  • Composite action with steel Frame
  • Composite action with PT Concrete Beams
  • Shallow Floors
  • High Quality Soffit Finish
  • Speed of Erection Durability, No Cores, No drips, no strand corrosion
  • High Quality Soffit Finish
  • Solid Slab so better sound characteristics
  • Shallow Floors
  • Robust Disproportionate Collapse details
  • High Quality Soffit Finish
  • Thermal Mass
  • Strong BREEAM Rating
  • Excellent Vibration Characteristics
  • Ability to carry heavy loading
  • Ability to accommodate interface shear
  • Acts compositely with Steel or Concrete Frames
  • Ability to carry Heavy Loads including Point loads
  • Competitive with insitu
  • Can accommodate heavy Load
  • Unpropped System
  • Can accommodate interface Shear
  • High Quality Smooth soffit finish and fewer joints therefore less risk of Bacterial spread
  • Durability with 100 year design life
  • No cores therefore no drips, no corrosion of strand and no bacteria build up
  • No joins in a 2.4m wide cell
  • High Quality Soffit Finish
  • Cantilevers easily accommodated