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London City Island Project

Sector: Residential
Contractor: PCS
Architect: Allies & Morrison
Engineer: O Connor Sutton Cronin
Developer: Ballymore
Units: 20000m2 of 200mm Solid finished Super Wideslab

Flood Precast have been working in partnership with PCS over the years in providing Solid Super Wideslab to the impressive London City Island Project in London’s Dockland.

The Client for this project, Ballymore, have just opened their show apartment for the latest phase of their 'mini Manhattan'. Good Luck Hope is the latest development following, on from London City Island, in the overall development around the Leamouth Peninsula in London Docklands.

Flood Precast provided over 20000m2 of 200mm solid finished floor slab with minimal latex screed for the overall development, with 10000m2 for Block JKL. One of the structural details of the slabs manufactured is that the spans are up to 8m with complex arrangement of tie details to provide structural ties to the main precast frame along with cast in pocket's to receive large steel balconies to the perimeter elevation. One of the main design drivers is a 2 hr fire rating of the floor slabs due to the high raise nature of the various apartment blocks. As our solid slab we’re left with exposed soffit on display, where the full thermal mass effects of the concrete flooring can be exploited. Also becoming a feature that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the building.

The triumph of London City Island builds on Ballymore Group’s success in winning the award for RESI’s Large Developer of the Year for the last number of years.

Project name:Good Luck Hope
Plate surface per level:Block J: 600 m 2
Block K: 500 m 2 Block L: 500 m 2
Plate surface for all levels:Block J: 4800 m 2
Block K: 3000 m 2 Block L: 5500 m 2
The volume of concrete used:Block J: 950 m 3
Block K: 600 m 3 Block L: 1000 m 3