cantilever slab

Picturesque Cottage in Co. Clare transformed with Flood Super Wideslab® cantilever slab

Award-winning Architect, John A O’Reilly and local Builder, Doorus Construction engaged the services of Flood Precast to design their first-floor cantilever slab. The design needed to accommodate the heavily loaded block construction with first-floor polished screed. The Flood design team quickly ruled out the use of Hollowcore as it would have required the support of an additional and expensive steel framing system. They opted instead for the very economical and flexible Flood Super Wideslab® which was hung from the underside of a simple cast in-situ beam.

We are all familiar with the term “Your home is your Castle”. Flood Precast believe “Concrete build is better build”. Whether it is your family home, a new build or you’re planning an extension, precast concrete flooring and other precast products should be considered.

Why should you consider Precast Concrete for your next building project?

Precast Concrete Built Homes are:

  • Built to Last – Concrete is designated by the EU as a Class A1 Building Material (Non-Combustible)
  • Fire Safe – Concrete doesn’t burn, nor does it add to the fire load.
  • Comfortable – Thermal mass means that indoor temperatures can remain stable regardless of weather conditions.
  • Energy Efficient – “Fabric First” – this approach leads to reduced CO² emissions and improves well-being and comfort.
  • Resilient – Concrete doesn’t burn, warp, melt, rot or rust and resists weathering and chemical exposure.
  • Local Source – Unlike steel and timber, concrete is not imported into Ireland.
  • Sustainable – Concrete is built to last.

cantilever slab  cantilever slab

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John O'Connor

John joined Flood Precast in 1996. He served as a Senior Manager in all areas of the business, and is currently General Manager, responsible for the day to day running of Flood Precast. With 25 years’ experience behind him 17 of which have been dedicated to Precast Concrete, Johns focus is on developing a sustainable growth strategy for the business and delivering value for our customers.

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