precast columns and stairs

Flood Precast provided Precast Columns and Stairs at exciting slip formed construction apartments

Flood Precast provided precast columns and stairs for a 15 storey concrete frame in Birmingham city centre for 184 student apartments, with a slip formed core.

This project was extremely tight due to the site constraints, programme durations and the contractor’s requirement for an overall cost saving on this project.

The main contractor provided their client with a value engineering slip form core construction solution. This saved over 8 weeks on the initial frame programme. To assist with the frame construction and reduce the need for working at height, Flood Precast provided the precast concrete columns and stairs.

BENEFITS of using Flood Precast Concrete Columns

  • A Precast Column can be erected 5 times faster than an in situ column.
  • Ability to achieve a high quality and uniform finish.
  • Unaffected by site weather conditions.
  • Reduction in labour requirement on site.
  • Eliminates the need for small concrete loads and evening pours which are a feature with in-situ columns.
  • When using high strength concrete, a reduction in reinforcement steel can be achieved.
  • The installation of Precast Concrete Columns is a silent process which can take place at any time day or night. There are generally time restrictions on noisy site activities such as the pouring and vibrating of in-situ columns.

Project: The Emporium – Student Accommodation

Client: Shaylor Group

Duration: Programmed 46 weeks – Completed in 32 weeks

Contractor: Clark Mulherin

Engineer: CWA

Architects: IDP

Products: Precast Stairs & Precast Columns

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David Chatfield

David Chatfield

David has 30 years experience in the precast concrete industry, returning back into the fold with Flood Precast after 7 years away with ACP Concrete Ltd. Seeing how Flood Precast has moved forward in that time, with innovation and product ranges and quality at the forefront, both in product and customer service David is delighted to be returning.
David Chatfield