flood precast concrete products

New A&E department using Flood Precast Concrete Products.

Flood Precast worked in conjunction with sub-contractor Harrington’s Builders in providing this project with the following flood precast concrete products.

  • 3000sqm of Precast Hollowcore flooring
  • 24no Precast Stairs.

This project has been described as “ground-breaking”. This development cost £49 million and is set to revamp and expand Wexham Park Hospital’s Accident and Emergency (A&E) department. Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust chief executive Sir Andrew Morris said: “We have been planning this since 2014 so I’m really excited to be starting building work on something that will be a huge asset to the health of local people for decades to come.”

Benefits of using Precast Concrete Floors

  • High load capacity and efficient design make long spans achievable
  • Reduces the need for load-bearing walls
  • Allows for greater flexibility in design
  • Less formwork and scaffolding
  • Immediate safe working platform after installation
  • Reduced construction programme
  • Site progress not subject to weather

Benefits of Using Flood Precast Concrete Stairs

  • Quick to install
  • High fire resistance.
  • High-quality finish. Class B finish available upon request.
  • Minimal site labour
  • Savings in construction time.

Project: Development at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough.

Sub-Contractor: Harringtons Builders Plc

Engineer: BDP

Architects: BDP

Products: Precast Concrete Stairs and Hollowcore

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David Chatfield

David has 30 years experience in the precast concrete industry, returning back into the fold with Flood Precast after 7 years away with ACP Concrete Ltd. Seeing how Flood Precast has moved forward in that time, with innovation and product ranges and quality at the forefront, both in product and customer service David is delighted to be returning.
David Chatfield