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Exposed Soffit – Benefits and Aesthetic of Super Wideslab®’s Flooring

Exposed Soffit – Benefits and Aesthetic of Precast Super Wideslab®’s Flooring

What is exposed soffit?

Soffit refers to the underside of a building component, usually a flooring section. An exposed soffit is one to which no additional finishing layer, such as a suspended ceiling, or tiling, board, or laminate, has been applied. Flood Precast flooring slab has a high-quality Class B finish to which paint can be applied directly, or which can be left in its natural state so that the full thermal mass effects of the concrete flooring can be exploited.

What are the benefits of exposed soffit?

Many architects appreciate the qualities of exposed soffits as a design feature of the building, but there are also other benefits both in the construction of the building and its eventual functionality. A floor with exposed soffit is quicker to construct and also thinner than one with additional layers, reducing both the cost of construction and also the overall height of the building. The contribution of available thermal mass is a real advantage in buildings which need to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature; there is an appreciable reduction in energy costs, for both heating and air-conditioning, when thermal mass is used to aid natural ventilation.

Where can exposed soffit be used?

The suitability of exposed soffit for various locations depends on the type of building and the quality of the soffit finish. Exposed soffits are often used in commercial settings, but their use in office buildings, for example, requires consideration of their appearance. The quality finish of Flood Precast flooring enables its use with exposed soffit in all kinds of buildings, ensuring both economies in construction costs and the saving of time and maintenance. In settings such as multi-storey car parks, the reduced depth of exposed soffit ensures that the decks can retain maximum possible headroom.

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