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Precast Concrete Frame provided for Howth Road Development

Flood Precast designed and supplied a full precast concrete frame for MKN properties for the Howth road residential development. The site has magnificent views over Bull Island and Dublin Bay and is within walking distance of Raheny Village and St. Anne’s Park.

Howth Road project is a residential building development which consists of 26 apartments with the last floor stepped inside which created a terrace area. This development is attractive and engineering difficult simultaneously. The whole foundation slab is based on piles to obtain allowable capacity. The most difficult part above foundations in terms of designing and detailing was on the last floor which partially was not aligned vertically. Additionally, big windows designed by Architects were challenging during precast walls transport. Due to substantial loads, some of the prestressed slabs were reinforced by steel beams to achieve satisfactory results.


Number of floors:4
Area of walls gross/net:5660/5080 m2
Area of floor per level:740 m2
Area of floors for all levels:4040 m2
Volume of concrete used:2020 m3


Project:  778-784 Howth Road, Dublin

Client: MKN Property Group

Engineer:  BDP

Architect:  John O’Neill & Associates

Products: 3000m2 Walls, 2500m2 of Wideslab and 6no Stairs

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