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Precast Stairs for Student dormitory building in Cork.

Flood Precast working with John Sisk & Sons designed, manufactured and installed 24no Precast Stairs for a 3 storey Student dormitory building. This development consists of 8no. clusters and 10 apartment studios 145-bed purpose-built at Farranlea Point, Cork City.

“Nido – Curraheen Point” has been launched in September 2020 which is a perfect place for student life. Curraheen Point Student accommodation is well located just a 20-minute walk from University College Cork and Cork Institute of Technology. There is an acute need for more purpose-built student dormitory in the Irish market and this development in Cork will help to meet that need


Flood Precast offers a range of precast stair flights to suit every requirement. All our stair and landing units are designed in house, manufactured, delivered and installed to the highest standards.

Precast stairs can be placed along with precast concrete flooring products, giving immediate safe access to upper floors quickly and efficiently. All precast stair and landing units are designed in accordance with relevant BS and Euro codes.

Concrete stairs provide a safe means of escape in event of a fire and can be installed instantly, they are used in every development type where there is a requirement for access and egress

Project: Curraheen Point Student Accommodation, 8 Farranlea Road, Cork.

Client: John Sisk & Sons

Engineer:  Malachy Walsh and Partners

Architect:  O’Mahony Pike

Products: 24no of Precast Stairs

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