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100mm Prestressed Wideslab plate: Utilised for benefits of thermal mass

Flood Precast provided 22,000 sq m of 100mm prestressed wideslab plate, RC perimeter edge beams and associated stairs and landings.
From our proposals it was agreed by main contractor to adapt a design of Flood Precast precast wideslab planks with exposed concrete soffits to utilise the benefits of thermal mass. The building structure consisted of a steel frame broken into three zones with perimeters curved.

The challenges for the pre-cast were to:

• Achieve the structural requirements of the slab.
• Coordinate the location of slab joints between precast units
• Ensure a high quality finish of the soffit of the planks
• Distribution of services within the structural screed
• Provide an optimum design in line with the economic requirements
• Eliminate Temporary Propping.

The design theory behind thermal mass design is that construction of the building allows for natural heating and cooling by providing exposed concrete surfaces which absorb heat if the building is warm and then release heat as the building cools. This greatly reduces the need for mechanical or electrical generated heating and ventilation systems and their associated life cycle, maintenance, capital and energy costs. The challenge of this design is to provide concrete surfaces that are exposed to maximise thermal mass design while architecturally and aesthetically pleasing to provide a suitable high class working environment. This is in addition to providing a precast system that meets the complex geometry of the structure and eliminated the need for temporary propping throughout the entire construction period. The prestressing of Flood Precast wideslab plate, wet cast on 2.4m wide steel mould beds meet this challenge and fulfilled all the requirements.

Project: Canada Water Plot A2, London

Steel Contractor: Severfield (NI) Limited

Main Contractor: Mace

Engineer: Waterman

Architects: Allies and Morrison Architects

Products: Precast Concrete Wideslab, RC edge beams and Precast Stairs

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