highly adaptive concrete flooring

Super Wideslab® highly adaptive concrete flooring system

Flood Precast provided precast concrete Super Wideslab® precast concrete flooring and concrete stairs for Apex Hotel in Bath. Flood Super Wideslab® highly adaptive concrete flooring and is easily erected flooring type which can be installed quickly on-site.

It can meet most structural requirements, and can be adapted to a variety of specific needs. For example, use of long clear spans or larger panels reduces the number of columns or joints needed.

Using precast concrete flooring in hotels or office blocks, wide slab decking has many advantages:

  • Fast installation – 500 to 700m2 can be fitted per day, depending on the layout.
  • Allows other trades to get immediate access to the site
  • Longer spans/heavier loadings can be achieved by providing continuity reinforcement.
  • Propping reduced to 4 metres typical mid span.
  • Up to 20% less concrete, reducing self-weight to the building.
  • Excellent fire resistance.
  • High quality surface finish.
  • Can incorporate tie and up-stand beams.
  • Allows greater flexibility of layout.
  • Provision for tying requirements of progressive collapse can be easily and economically achieved.

The £35million Apex City of Bath Hotel development on James Street West is expected to be ready for tourists this summer. Leading UK hotel group Apex Hotels secured a £29million funding package from Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking to build its first hotel in Bath, which will have 177 bedrooms over four floors. It will feature a swimming pool, gym, conference and meeting facilities to cater for more than 420 people.

Contractor: 4D Structures

Engineer: Integral Engineering Design

Products: Super Wideslab® and Precast Stairs

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Martin Darby

Martin graduated from the University of Dundee with an Hons degree in Engineering. He joined Flood Precast in 2000 and headed up the Dublin design office. Martin now works extensively across the UK. In addition to his Structural Engineering background he has extensive knowledge of all precast construction and commercial aspects associated with the companies work.

Contact Martin for projects in the UK. Email martin.darby@floodprecast.co.uk
Martin Darby