water resilient properties

The water resilient properties of Flood Super Wideslab® flooring is perfect for Leisure Centre.

One of the many benefits of Flood Super Wideslab® is that it has inherently water resilient properties. Flood Precast provided 75mm Super Wideslab® for the Dover District Leisure Centre.

The specification for a solid Flood Super Wideslab® is driven by the fact it is a leisure centre and the building is classed as a high exposure class due to the chlorides from the pool in the water and air. As steel is prone to corrosion using Flood Super Wideslab® plate the reinforcement steel is completely surrounded by a minimum of 40mm of concrete to keep it protected in this corrosive atmosphere. This is something metal decking and hollowcore can’t do so well.

Other technical advantages include:

  • Awkward shapes are easily accommodated – wet cast production allows for the forming of most shapes.
  • Can be used to construct a flat slab with no down stand beams – projecting steel links cast into the unit accommodates shear without the requirement for bearing.
  • Spans in two directions – the ideal solution for dealing with disproportionate collapse or progressive collapse design.
  • Heavy loads – the prestressed solid nature of the slab allows the load to be redistributed and is an ideal solution for suspended service yards.
  • Reduction in building height – shallowest structural floor zone available in the market.
  • Openings can be easily accommodated – eliminates the requirement for trimmer beams.
  • Better Sound Insulation – Flood Wideslab is 50% better sound insulated than Hollowcore.
  • Reduced beam depth – Flood Wideslab can be designed to work compositely with steel and in-situ concrete beams, reducing the beam depth by to 25%.

Project: Dover District Leisure Centre, Dover

Main Contractor: BAM

Client: B&K Structures Ltd (Frame Contractor)

Engineer: Engenuiti

Architects: GT+3 Architects

Products: Flood Super Wideslab®

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Martin Darby

Martin graduated from the University of Dundee with an Hons degree in Engineering. He joined Flood Precast in 2000 and headed up the Dublin design office. Martin now works extensively across the UK. In addition to his Structural Engineering background he has extensive knowledge of all precast construction and commercial aspects associated with the companies work.

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Martin Darby