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Design and Supply for School Building Project – Flood Super Wideslab® and Stairs

Flood Precast worked in partnership with Sander properties to design, supply and install our Flood Super Wideslab® and Precast Stairs for this school building project.

Project Information: 6 Classroom Extension to St. Michael’s Primary School and Centre for Autism.

The development will consist of a new 6 Classroom extension, which will be housed in a 2 story extension to the rear of the existing school of circa 1252.5 m2. Flood Precast provided Flood Super Wideslab® and precast stairs for this extension.

Flood Super Wideslab® Benefits for School Building Projects:

  • High-Quality Soffit Finish– Saves on costs and time as it can be painted on directly.
  • Thermal Mass Properties– Can save heating costs.
  • Accommodate awkward shapes– Due to the production process can be easily moulded within our plant saving time on site.
  • Shallow Floors– Shallow floor construction reduces floor to floor height
  • Composite Action with Steel Frame–  Prestressed precast elements act compositely with an in-situ structural screed combining the benefits of precast and in-situ construction.
  • Strong BREEAM Rating– Saving on Costs and Time within manufacturing and construction.

Project: St Michael’s National School, Trim, Co.Meath

Contractor: Sander Properties

Engineer:  Clifton Scannell Emerson

Architect: JSA

Products: Precast Stairs and Precast Flood Super Wideslab® Flooring

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