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Precast Concrete Staircores and Precast Slabs for the Phase 3 of Royal Canal Park

Flood Precast designed, supplied and installed Precast Concrete Staircores and nearly 4000m2 of Flood Super Wideslab® for the apartment block in the development at Phase 3 of Royal Canal Park in Dublin for Ballymore Homes. This project was completed in 2018.

Our Design Department worked efficiently with the engineering and architecture teams that were part of the design team on this project. There was a necessary need for a quick turnaround on the design of the Precast Concrete Staircores.

Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in today’s construction projects.

Durability – Unlike other construction materials precast concrete stairs and precast planks (Hollowcore and Flood Super Wideslab) doesn’t rust, rot or degrade in presences of moisture.

High Standard of Quality – Made at our plant in Ireland with Quality Control Measure such as I.S EN ISO 9001:2008

Energy-Efficient – The thermal mass of precast concrete absorbs and releases heat slowly, shifting air conditioning and heating loads to allow smaller, more efficient heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

More than 1,700 tickets were sold to people seeking to win one of the houses in this residential development which have been valued at some €425,000 in Dublin which has been made available as part of an initiative aiming to support GAA in Co Roscommon into the future. Club Rossie, the supporters’ club which fundraises to support the county team, is raffling off the property in Ashtown with entrants paying €100 a pop to take part. The three-bed house in development at Royal Canal Park has been built by Seán Mulryan, the developer who sponsors the county team.

Project: Royal Canal Park Phase 3

Contractor: Ballymore Group

Engineer:  Waterman Moylan Consultants

Architect: O’Mahoney Pike Architects

Products: 4000m2 of Flood Super Wideslab® and 33no Stairs

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