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Precast Hollowcore provides energy efficiency to Dublin Apartment complex.

Flood Precast provide Hollowcore flooring and Precast Stairs to phase III of the hermitage project in Balgriffin, Dublin. These apartments have been designed to an exceptional energy efficiency with an A2 BER rating.

Precast concrete products such as Hollowcore flooring provides energy efficiency by using its exceptionally thermal mass properties. Thermal mass has two effects in buildings:

  1. Thermal mass moderates internal temperatures.
  2. Thermal mass delays peak temperatures.

Precast concrete hollowcore flooring and precast stairs in effect hold daytime temperatures which will peak lower and temperatures will not drop as much over the course of the night. Thus behaving like a thermal storage heater, storing this energy during the daytime and release it back during the night-time

The following amounts of precast concrete products provided to this development included:

  • 17000m2 of 200mm Hollowcore
  • 4000m2 of 250mm Hollowcore
  • 320no Precast Stairs

Project: Balgriffin Phase III

Contractor: Shannon Homes

Engineer: DBFL

Architects: McCrossan, O’Rourke, Manning

Products: Precast Concrete Stairs  and Precast Hollowcore Flooring

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