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It Pays to Spray – Alltek used with Flood Precast Concrete Flooring Slabs

Our Alltek team working on Student accommodation and nursing homes in Dublin.

Alltek is a quickly and simply applied internal finish for walls and ceilings, designed to adhere directly to concrete surfaces.

The Benefits of Alltek include:

  • Eliminates batten and slabbing of ceilings when used directly onto the Flood Super Wideslab® Soffit.
  • Eliminates the need for scratch coats or dry-lining
  • No water or mixing required on site.
  • Fast application and dries normally within 24 hours.
  • Reduces programme time – 5 times faster than using a hand float to apply
  • High quality of smooth or textured finish available.
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates.
  • Lightweight.
  • Reduce the problems of condensation/ fungal growth and rust
  • Fast spray application
  • High quality smooth or textured finish
  •  No scaffolding is required for ceilings up to three meters height


Alltek dries to an even matt colour. Before setting, the surface may be levelled smooth with a special steel edged tool or may be left with varying degrees of texture. The texture depends on the adjustment of the spray nozzle air pressure and the grade of Alltek used.

Ceiling preparation

Given that our Super Wideslab® are 2.40m wide you will have only half the number of joints compared to a hollowcore installation. These joints are simply filled in with Alltek dry filler and then feathered 150mm out from the joint. Once the joints are filled we can provide an Alltek finish which is spray applied in a range of textured and smooth finishes. This finish will provide a perfect ceiling finish whilst painting is recommended, it is at the discretion of the client who may wish to leave the textured Alltek unpainted. Both of these finish types when applied are in extensive use in apartment and hotel development throughout the country.

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