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A-Rated achieved using at Dublin Residential Development – Flood Precast

A-Rated achieved using Flood Concrete Products at Dublin Residential Development

Flood Precast provided Precast Slabs and Stairs for a new housing development which includes apartments and houses for sale at Willow Glen, an A-rated development built by Ravenshall on the Glenamuck Road in Dublin 18.

 How A-rated is achieved using precast concrete products:

  •  A quieter home
  • Heat retention and reduce bills
  • A Safe Home
  • Thermal Advantages – that will help reduce heating bills!:

Flood Wideslab concrete floors, due to their mass act like a storage heater. Alternative flooring lets air through the cores, cooling the floors down. When your central heating is on, your concrete floor will absorb some of this heat and slowly release it back into your home. This should help in reducing your heating bills. One of the main reasons our Wideslab was used in this project is that our system is suitable for use with all underground heating systems.

Benefits for Builders:

Both Irish/UK weather conditions and new building generate challenges for home builders. Precast Concrete can meet these challenges with timesaving and cost-effective solutions. For example, rapid installation of structural floors provides a quickly installed platform for following trades, thus enabling aspects of building to proceed to tight schedules in poor weather. To maximise the options of internal space, large, clear, spans can minimise the need for internal load-bearing walls and their foundations.  

Project: Willow Glen Apartments, Glenamuck, Dublin

Contractor:   Ravenshall Developments

Engineer:  DBFL

Architect:  Pierse & Associates

Products: 530m2 of 100mm Flood Super Wideslab® and 8 Precast Stairs

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